Charmander - Common Pokemon - XY Evolutions




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The majority of the cards we sell are straight from the pack into a soft sleeve and top loader.  We list two grades: Near Mint or Better (Nrmt-Mt) or Damaged (DA) – Nrmt-Mt cards - The front or back of the card may have very small or minor scratches.  The borders may have a small amount of whitening. The holofoil part of the card ( if applicable ) may have very tiny scratches.  There are no creases or bends on the card. All listings will have a scan of the card.


Damaged (DA) cards - Cards will have some sort of imperfection visible to the naked eye. Damaged (DA) cards will have many scratches, bends, creases, or other issues. An explanation of the damage will be listed in the description of the listing on a per card basis.


All cards we ship are sent in a bubble mailer with a top loader or team bag with protection and USPS 1st Class shipping with Online Delivery Confirmation.



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